The Time Is Now (Poetry)

06th August 2017
The time is now
the minutes run
the hour is at hand
the cool winds blow
clouds hide the sun
there’s no safe place to stand

A storm is nigh
it’s overdue
the voices mutter ‘war’
they question why
or if it’s true
and what’s worth fighting for

is just a word
and freedom’s an idea —
it’s poetry
the best I’ve heard
but it’s not practised here

The myth explodes —
the vote is dead
opinions hardly count
while greed erodes
and what’s unsaid
tots up as feelings mount

The conscience drums
its fingers raw
discontent is rife
dissension hums
convinced there’s more
than this slave-driven life

The time is now
the sand runs through
the glass cracked thin with age
we must somehow
save all that’s true
from slipping off the page