The Old Ceremony (Poetry)

27th August 2017
I lie naked on your bed
the sheets are gold and red
and our sighs are like the music of the spheres
the room so still and warm
while outside the tree-whipped storm
adds its passionate percussion wet with tears

I am happy through and through
drunk on the me and you
I dared not think would culminate in this
we lie here so serene
with nothing inbetween
I never dreamed just touching could be bliss

Our two souls seem thus inclined
to relax themselves entwined
in an ancient karmic symbol lately found
as sensation takes us drifting
through a landscape that is shifting
while no part of us is anchored to the ground

I assume that this is love —
you’re the eagle I’m the dove
our two feathers float like wishes on the breeze
I bet the odds are even
we are close enough to Heaven
for the oxygen’s too sweet and rare to breathe

We have supped on wine and bread
the words of longing said
and the ecstacy sent singing through our veins
I feel absolutely calm
as the blood’s adoring psalm
alleluias over mountains and far plains

The old ceremony’s over
and we lie now under cover
our flesh co-joined forever by this night
cleansed of inhibition
our trust beyond suspicion
and the sheets miraculously spotless white