The Daily Rag (Poetry)

02nd July 2017
They stoke the fires of discontent
they fan the flames of fear
then rake the ashes for old bones
and squeeze another tear

Every headline screams a scandal
with fierce self-righteous rage
points the thin ink-blackened finger
ignites the ready page

Turns us ripe for revolution
each article’s the same
exposing timbers long-gone rotten
piling fuel and laying blame

They’re the fuse wire of our culture
hate-bombs set in paper hearts
of a readership unwary —
too naive or lacking smarts

They’re the terrorists of reason
how they worry, stress and goad
watch our freedoms fall like roof tiles
as old tower blocks explode

There’s no pity linked to profit
disaster comes — then it’s gone
words pour petrol on the embers
thus the story blazes on ...

But Joe Public broods a question —
one uneasy thought that nags —
what political agenda
feeds such highly toxic rags ?