Some Consolation (Poetry)

06th August 2017
Slowly, I mastered it —
slowly — so slowly
I climbed the cold mountain of age
the rocks cut my feet
I was close to defeat
I hung on to a strong
sense of rage

There was fog
there was snow
and no reason to know
just how long my poor body
might last
if I lost my frail grip
if the vision should slip
and I fell —
saw my life
flashing past ...

But I clung
to the face
every day — kept my place
though my hands were near-numb
with the strain
each curled to a fist
punching holes in the mist
that enshrouded
my frost-bitten brain

Yet the higher I went
seems my soul was hellbent
on discovering why
I was there —
what the weary flesh learns
as it withers and burns
in the rarefied blue
of thin air

But slowly I understood
nothing at all
as my blood slumbered deep
in its bed
when I heard from the summit
a tender voice call
and it found a new home
in my head

It urged like a needle
that punctured my spine
it soothed with a song
and a prayer
it mellowed — part-demon
or purely divine
and so brave that my heart
couldn’t care

I went with the angel
if angel it was
in the snowy white wastelands of thought
I found a great footprint
as big as a church —
a reminder of something like God
glimpsed like a shadow —
the beast never caught
lofted high on his faith-riddled perch ...


I’m still lost on the mountain
my sins slowly counting
the atmosphere’s tainted
with hope
uncertainty’s pressing
a need for confession
and one comforting tug
on the rope

Should a blizzard be brewing
the words I am chewing
will never protect me
from harm —
my bones way too brittle
and fear far too little
to do with
enlightenment’s calm

Now, slowly I meditate
slowly — so slowly
consider the world
and its woes
as I realize wholly
there’s more to existence
than even the wisest
man knows

And there’s some consolation
in night’s isolation
when the spirit
discovers release
for a second or two
when truth murmurs through
and repeats its worn promise
of peace