Nights Under The Stars (Poetry)

27th July 2017
For those of us romantically inclined
who have affection for ‘The Great Outdoors’
the ‘Back to Nature’ concept brings to mind
escape from stress — life’s endless round of chores

So off we go completely kitted-out
with half a camping shop packed in our car
that we’ll survive is really beyond doubt
for sat nav knows exactly where we are

The site we booked soon proves to be first class
there’s everything a camper might desire
‘a home from home’ on twelve square feet of grass
we pitch our tent, make ready to retire

with groundsheet, cosy bedroll fibrefilled
our canvas roof still under guarantee
we spray ensuring all the bugs are killed
so we can rest assured and nuisance-free

as night sounds filter through — the barking fox
and hooting owl just barely recognised
while minutes tick without the aid of clocks
and sleep’s cocooned all safe and sanitized ...

Not so the homeless man who has no choice
but curl beneath the shelter of a tree
and listen to the wind’s uneasy voice
that warns of danger lurking constantly

For him the stars look unconcerned and cold
they hold no romance in their distant shine
he dreads the future — hopeless — growing old
yet scans the heavens aching for a sign ...

The weekend over, we pack up our gear
and journey back — pick up our daily lives
the homeless man moves on — not welcome here
and few will know or care if he survives

Written in sympathy with this article: