Neither Here Nor There (Poetry)

15th April 2018
If you can see me don’t be fooled
I am not here
I have not been around for quite
some considerable time
yet exactly where I find myself is something
I’m less than sure of ...

     wherever I am now
it is located far away — somewhere
close to an ideal imagined
and more real for me
inside my head
than any place conceived
by some other dull-edged mind

I am islanded by coral-reef days
in a dark green sea of years
caution’s thoughtwaves cushion —
keep the bully world at bay —
cast me adrift

And if I was ever here at all
it was surely just
a moment passing. At most
I’m thinned to age’s mirage — a ghost
compelled to travel on —
who crosses boundaries — jumps ship
so determined to be gone