A link to my Facebook profile. Occasionally I post things on there that don't get posted on my website.
Simon John Harvey
Official website of my husband, Simon John Harvey - aka Xanda.
Bellamy's Bivouac
The official website of artists David Bellamy and Jenny Keal.
Crystal Pearl's Etsy Shop
Classic high quality vintage clothing and jewellery. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
Janine Creaye
Artist's website.
Folke Lindenblatt
Official website of artist Folke Lindenblatt.
Leigh Ann Gale
Botanical art and tuition.
Mandy Pannett
Masque Publishing
Home of Decanto Poetry Magazine.
Poetry Book Society
Website of the Poetry Book Society. Please support the society by becomming a member and/or buying one of their books if you love poetry!
Rob Greenwood
Website of artist Rob Greenwood.
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