Invisible (Poetry)

06th August 2017
They watch — with a resigned expression
scores of people passing by
they sit among their few possessions
sheltering from sharp blue sky

and hope someone will stop and offer
help — a smile — that human touch
acknowledging their plight — two beggars
knowing they don’t count for much

But these were men once — born to mothers
and raised within four solid walls
Fate turned them homeless — stole their covers
left them cold as evening falls

and hunger rumbles in their bellies
frost will crack their hearts and bones
no ‘Come and Join Us’ Christian fellas
save them from the twilight zone

They don’t exist — and that’s official
there can’t be ‘vagrants’ in a town
so image-proud and superficial
too few statistics written down

to witness truth — what’s really needed —
a will to deal without delay
instead the problem goes unheeded
and given time to pass away

Meanwhile, harsh winter’s the assassin
silent, lethal, with no face
the bitter weather’s everlasting
and pity’s clearly out of place