Grave Thoughts (Poetry)

06th August 2017
There they were —
all laid out in rows
not exactly straight and to attention
but tired-looking, old and leaning as though
distracted by the years
and the weather’s changeable nature

It seemed a bitter thing
to be outside and left
if not to perish
(way too late for that)
but to endure the other dead’s company —
a random invite
like a final blind date

Left to suffer the dubious comfort
of thin coverings of snow
the chill breath of a January night
fast-falling — its long-shadowed bogie man
limiting the light
to thin stripes picking out the shapes
of stones — the celtic crosses
and the plainer slabs carved
with rain-blurred names
no one answers to

Shivering, we drove off
leaving them to their resting place
aware it’s likely we’ll be back
        some day
                one way
                        or another