Finding Grace (Poetry)

27th August 2017
... And the voice told me
quietly and with a gentle authority
“The many are born to feel nothing
but a few are born to feel everything —
and you are one of those few
you have no choice in the matter
it is your true nature —
accept it and do not fight against it
absorb the hurt along with joy
and learn from it — grow in understanding

Do not rage against injustice —
there is so much in the world that is unfair
that you will exhaust yourself
to no measurable effect

Love is power
compassion heals
use what you have as wisely
as you can

Value truth always
trust your deepest instincts

Try to maintain a sense of calm
delve into your inmost thoughts
find balance — the ultimate goal —
the indefinable grace

Let your spirit breathe freely — without fear
and above all
be at peace”