Dear Belovéd (Poetry)

27th August 2017
                                are you out there
lost somewhere in the snow
and don’t you wish
this time of night
we had a place to go —
away from aging winter winds
that chill frail bodies through —
a secret cabin in the woods
that’s known to just we two?

where in the firelight’s gentle glow
we’d sip rare amber wine
and feast on love’s warm offerings
that’ve stood the test of time
for you are ever-dear to me
though decades have gone by
since we were last together yet
my dreams won’t let you die

While I’m sending you this letter
I am missing your address
so I’ll breathe words on the window’s glass
and let my sighs express
the years of pent-up passion
and the hunger unfulfilled
all the waiting and the hoping
that this longing might be stilled

I imagine that you’re out there
and you’re thinking of me here
our minds meet on some far wavelength
and I read you faint but clear
for it’s the fate of lovers parted
to recall each kiss and keep
such communications open
on the tender edge of sleep

let us linger for a moment ...

Yours sincerely,
                                warm and deep