An Awful Attempt (Poetry)

27th August 2017
It’s an impossibly pitiful ditty —
an awful attempt at a rhyme
that’s supposed to be something like witty
(well, I thought that it was at the time)

Now I read it and squirm — wish I’d never
put such dumb observations in verse
and imagine it might sound quite clever
but it haunts me — for better or worse

It’s a dreadful example — pure badness
of a sort a tired poet might make
conceived in a moment of madness
when drunk or not fully awake

The idea that I could write for money
was just something I felt I should try
but it’s turned out far worse than unfunny
my blood, sweat and ink barely dry

My poor effort proves humour’s not easy
but a skill it takes time to acquire
and the rewrites are awkward and queasy —
so best throw the whole wad on the fire