All Grass Is Flesh (Poetry)

15th April 2018
They’re murdering the grass again
ripping through the turf
a billion tiny casualties
across this patch of earth

They’re massacring green innocents
disfiguring the trees
decapitating daisies and
slow-poisoning the bees

There’s not a single leaf that’s safe
from each mad butcher’s blade
they hack and slash at random — it’s
their calling — it’s their trade

They’ve no mercy for the sapling
or the struggling pale shoot
those babies of the wooded lot
lie trampled under boot

Once the killers have departed
the mangled and the maimed
bleed quiet upon the battlefield
where brutal war has reigned

The injured will recover and
the startled birds creep back
sun and rain will soothe and mend
all wounds from the attack

But mercenaries have greedy hearts
and war is never done
as soon as daisies raise their heads
more death machines will come